Setting Sail…

I am a few weeks into this revolutionary year, and only just beginning to make heads or tails of my priorities. I have a list, so that’s good. Now, I need to determine a pecking order so that the days don’t end with my simply staring at what needs to be done and with no idea where to begin.

In a nutshell, I am working to become the things I am currently not: thinner, kinder (read: patient…less snarky), and a published author.

Am currently visiting London; my favorite town. Land of great accents, easy pints, and royalty.

Determined to keep on track, I went out for a run the morning after I arrived. Bear in mind that my “style” of running involves a slow start, a steady middle, a stop for stretching and lunges, steady again, a sprint, and then a quick walk to cool down before taking on some steps…all the while, I am shriek-breathing and my face is soaked with sweat and bulging red. Not pretty. And let me say that I run because I see lots of other people doing it and  I usually like how I feel afterwards…not because I do it well. In my defense, I have short legs, which means I have to work harder than most people. (I try applying this excuse to far too many things. Hey ho.)

Back in the States, I live in a neighborhood where I can get out and do my routine and not have my self-consciousness assaulted by anyone other than El Salvadorian and Taiwanese grannies out for a stroll in parachute track suits and white visors, but here…here I was greeted by a muscle-y personal trainer (said so on his shirt) in camo pants training a fit looking man and then I passed a guy walking his hounds who was altogether so good-looking, that I think God took a breather after creating him and patted himself on the back.


I ran really hard. I mean, running is hard, and I am no small thing, so there’s that. Additionally, my body still fully believed it was 3am EST  and also knew, better than I did, that we hadn’t been back in the routine quite solidly enough to get away with that sort of intensity, but I didn’t listen. I wasn’t going to look like a pansy out there in front of handsome people I would never see again…And here I am, two days later and I can finally walk again. My knees are still revolting in response to my foolishness, so when I move, it’s a jerky toddle. Never mind. Point is, I’m on the road again…travelling and running, and it feels great. Mentally.



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11 responses to “Setting Sail…

  1. Katherine

    So proud of you. Congrats on your blog!!,

  2. You know, you were a lot more glamorous after your run than you make out girlfriend!

    We miss you already! Come back soon… xxxx

  3. Celeste

    I love you girl. You make me smile every time.
    Best wishes in London!

  4. Joy

    Geez friend can you make me miss you more?! Its good to see your blog up and running. I am glad you are enjoying your trip and I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  5. Acebo

    don’t let the easy pints get difficult. dominate.

    ❤ u giiirl!

  6. Abigail,

    So glad to see you writing and getting out there. And my jealously knows no bounds that you get to be in MY favorite city on the planet as well (to date). Looking forward to hanging on each word and laughing anatomy off simultaneously.

    Peace to you,

  7. Holly

    Oh Abi, can’t you run AND take pictures of God’s beautiful creation as it passes by? 😉 Just saying: readers love a good picture.

  8. Allyson

    I’m so proud of you for getting your blog started!! I can’t wait to read all of your hilarious stories. Yay!!

  9. Yay Abi,

    Lovin’ this already. Keep it up!


  10. Julie

    Love the running description! So true! I am not good at running either. I too run because how I feel afterward and how my jeans feel on me!

  11. Nancy

    So glad to be a part of your ‘Becoming’ and look forward to our future together!
    Thanks for blogging Abi,

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