Getting My Thanks On (you should, too)

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Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel like some sort of trickery has happened in the time-space continuum/matrixy/quantum majigger because it cannot possibly be the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. But I’ll play along, being the passive person I clearly am, and peruse the Black Friday sale ads in yet another futile attempt to motivate myself to be that person who wakes at 3 a.m. to buy $5 walkie talkies, eat an alarming amount of stuffing (Some call it “dressing”. I have never understood this. Counter intuitive to the utmost.), and reflect on some things I am grateful for:

Diesel’s Stupid Campaign

I got/get a big fat kick out of this campaign. Sometimes it’s made me feel validated as a creative stupid person, and other times it went straight over my head and just seemed to be a distracting ad with a hot person wearing message board panties. Mostly the former.

Having the Gumption to Quit a Life I wasn’t Passionate about

There’s enough info in the Nosy section and in previous posts about this, but I’ll add that it has been 10 months since I began chasing a dream, and even though there’s moments of fear, there is never even a nanosecond of regret. I’ve just got this one life, see.

Prince William’s Engagement to What’s her Face

If this had happened any sooner, I may have lacked the emotional maturity to see this as an opportunity for closure on my part, so that I can move on and open my heart to other single princes. However, I am most advanced and see this as a happy occasion to celebrate with my friends across the pond as they welcome, for the first time in well over a decade, a new princess. Even if she is utterly forgettable.

Frequent Flier Miles

Trips to Denver, London, and Paris this year were made possible by points racked up primarily at said job I was not passionate about as well as the good people at Citi who had amazing offers for beaucoup upfront points with absolutely no fees. I am eternally appreciative. (Having nothing to do with being grateful: if you are using credit cards that have no award structure, that is stupid. And not in the Diesel sexy-stupid way.)

Ridiculously Cute Family

My brother added 2 new members to our family this year, and I can say without fear of reprisal, that baby-girl-niece-Monkeyface is my favorite. From her ability to charm me into a blathering idiot (“MONKEY!!!- Who’s duh prettiest-est?! Who?? You’s is. YOU-YOU! Wuv you SO much. Yush I DO! Wuv. WUV!), her emotional maturity (she has a canned polite laugh for when she knows what you need to hear, but isn’t actually amused. Like when I avoid telling someone their ugly baby is cute, but instead say things like, “Aww. So tiny!”), to her ability and desire to learn to do everything we can do (fart noises using tongue and lips? Check. Walking before a year old? Check. Peek-a-boo? Check. Drinking wine? Ch…No. I grabbed her before she tipped it all the way in. She was going to drink straight from the bottle. How cute is THAT?!?).

Canned Cranberry Sauce

You heard me. The stuff that looks like a gelatinous magenta can and shimmies when the plate is passed. Mm. Save your organic, fresh, made-from-scratch sauce for someone who cares. I just love the phony stuff that’s been sitting in the cupboard since last Thanksgiving’s post-event grocery sale.


I’ve been carried through this year of a lifestyle jackknife by the people in my life, past and present. They’ve either been a part of my history to help make me the person who would stop chasing her tail and actually run after something I care about, or someone who is currently running with me. Shouting encouragement to not stop and affirming that I am just the sort of person who can pull this off. They are invaluable, and I am so appreciative and blessed to have them. I’m also thankful for new friends made on here and other social networks that have joined my expedition. You send me your experience and perspective to continue shaping moi. Thank you.

P90X, Zumba, Thor, Beach Body, Self, and Shame

I’m counting on these things to ensure that I fit my britches by Monday, because I really enjoy stuffing. And turkey. With potatoes. And gravy. Maybe a roll. Faux cranberry sauce. No doubt an inventive cocktail. And then…dessert.

I want to know: What are you thankful for?



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11 responses to “Getting My Thanks On (you should, too)

  1. Celeste

    I’m thankful for my family. Cheesy, yes. Copout, maybe. It’s been a long year and I thankful that my husband is home safe and sound, that my daughter is turning into a beautiful, smart, silly, sassy young lady. I’m thankful for the challenges that my career has brought me and am waiting with baited breath for the challenges ahead. 2011 is going to be an interesting year.
    I’m also ridiculously thankful for your blog. You offer up some amazing insight with witty/snarky/sassy humor; which has made given me much to think twice about. In a good way.

    • Love this! And being thankful for your family is heartwarming, not cheesy (although, I dearly love cheese…). Yay for hubs being home, and I’m grateful for him and other men and woman serving our country!
      SOOOO happy this blog adds to your days/life. Thanks for contributing right back. We’re making the world go round.

  2. Nan

    So very thankful for all the laughter I’ve had with my daughter, the love of my family, and most of all the gift of life from my Father, who has me for eternity and still blesses me here on this orb. Very very thankful.
    Sorry to get so serious, but it’s a joy that is always with me and makes my whole life full!
    (OK, I removed 3 exlam. pts., k?…)

  3. Thankful for my family, though they drive me crazy sometimes. Thankful for being in Bethany for the hols. Waking up to the ocean feeds my soul. Thankful that this year has brought several (paid!) opportunities to keynote & speak at large conferences across the country. Thankful that the Coach outlet store has 20% off total purchase coupons to give out. Thankful that my friends and PLN are so wonderfully supportive & teach me (by example) to channel my sweet rather than *always* my snark. Thankful for woolly socks, feather beds & Keurig coffee. (never claimed to be “deep”)
    Very thankful I found your blog – your writing is inspiring!

    • Wonderful! I love the things you’re grateful for, and we have a few in common. I really enjoy how you express yourself, and a special bravo (to both of us) on setting expectations on the “depth” of our feelings. Pah!

  4. scribblesinnotebooks

    This is adorable, Abigail! I heart the whole post. It’s classic You.

    So thankful for a week off. That’s about where my fatigue and sloth leave me at present. Also looking forward to the Turkey Trot tomorrow ;o)

    Let’s see if I can beat my best 5k record yet… 37 min. Do I hear 36? Hmmm, stay tuned sports fans.

    • Aw- thanks, dearie.
      Bravo on the 5k! I secretly hope you didn’t beat our time…:P Keep enjoying the time off, and hunker down and get some writing done!

      • scribblesinnotebooks

        Haha, your secret wish has been fulfilled… 40:29

        Ah well, there were hills, big ones! And I didn’t have anyone to sing Bon Jovi with me. I know that made a difference.

  5. Tracey Swinarsky

    Love your writing Abbi.

    I am so thankful for the life I have been able to live. To have been blessed with fantastic people in my life. Some have been only for a season and some have been for a lifetime. I am so happy I made the choices I did to be who I am.

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