Great, leaping, frozen, yellow, cannibalistic, flowering, inconspicuous, lavish, travelling, gaseous, egads! We are entering the 4th month of 2011 already! I really thought we would all have rocket packs installed in our plastic jeans so that we could fly everywhere by now. Alas, no.

Seriously. How hot was this guy?


Many equally interesting things, however, have been happening and I feel compelled to fill you in.

In the early days of February, I took a stab at journalism. Marrying two things I dearly love (no, not the sound of my own voice and coffee): enabling small businesses to thrive and connecting people with their community’s culture, I wrote a piece for Hampton Road’s (read: Norfolk/VA Beach’s) alternative news source, AltDaily.com.

I learned some things:

  1. You should write down things people say because you won’t remember them later, making you less like a journalist and more like a storyteller.
  2. People you least expect are passionate about something and it is really fun and enriching to ask the right questions to find what gets their bombachas in a twist. Try it.
  3. I have no business being a journalist. Fact-checking and paying attention only engage me for so long.

Anyway, I’m chalking that up to being published, which is one of my 3 goals this year. I need to write a cheer for that.

Additionally, TheBecomingYear was surprisingly reviewed by blogger C-C Lester, which was just the most flattering thing to happen since two guys in a pick-up truck crossed 8 lanes of traffic to pull up beside me whilst I was pumping gas at 7-Eleven to tell me I was pretty. (I would imagine that many people are from clear-across an intersection, but HEY! That was nice.)

That’s enough goodness for the first quarter of a new year. I don’t even need to tell you about the trips to San Diego and Atlanta that included some of the best culinary experiences of my life; the fact that Costco (mi amor), in states OTHER than Virginia who have better liquor laws, carry gargantuan gallons of Tanqueray and Tequila, of which I am now a proud owner;   that I scored zebra-print, pony hair, Antonio Melani peep-toe shoes for $28; nor that I have technically learned how to crochet. (That last one is a wild card, since I have yet to decide if it is a “good” thing to acquire a skill you dislike and have no clue what to do with.)

Seriously. How hot are these shoes?


Now April, if you didn’t know, is the final month for completing the B-O-O-K. As it stands, I have 13,000 words to write in 30 days. Not just any words, mind you, but the cleverest, most amusing, and marketable words ever joined. Far be it from me to keep anything simple, or to set myself up properly for success, so I’ve created and obstacle course for the month, which will include more travel and volunteering. Bring it, Q2!

What rad jazz have you been up to this year, and/or what’s in the pipeline for the spring???




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2 responses to “April-shmapril.

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  2. scribblesinnotebooks

    What? Where’s the April Fool’s Day joke? I thought it was some kind of rule that every April 1 communication has to prank something.

    Great post! But I can’t see your photo… I wanna see those shooooooes!

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