The B-O-O-K is Done!

Tuh duh! *curtsy *grin from ear to ear* The word count goal for the b-o-o-k has been crushed, which means everything else written is  frosting.  To celebrate, here’s a snippet for your enjoyment and to remind you of the thrill of your first crush.

It was this or MASH.

“…before I could understand what was happening and enjoy the moment, something broke loose and did a nose-dive in my chest. An organ, maybe. Air caught in a painful, but reassuring lump in my throat. Everything began racing at one time. Each thing on the inside. It felt incredible, like every part of me was moving at the cadence it was intended to, but never had. Tears gone, I stood staring at him with eyes stacked to the rim with the full presence of affection or love, or lust, idolatry, promise, hope…all there together and in equal amounts. Overwhelming and exhilarating simultaneously, as if I were being both ruined and made.  Feelings without boundaries, without method, without end, without focus. It was a delightful delirium that I had never felt.

“Looking back, I can attribute the majority of that rush to an onslaught of young hormones, but at the time, and occasionally now, that natural force reigns over rationality like a power-hungry dictator, and it feels amazing.”

I want to hear in the comment section about the crush you still think about from time to time. To make this fun, I’m going to peruse submissions (can be via email, if you’d prefer not to comment for all interwebbies to see) and select my favorite to turn into a semi-fictitious vignette post. The  selected entry will also win a prize related to the “crush” theme, so send a couple of lines for me to read. No limit to the number of submissions. Cannot wait to read about your experience!



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11 responses to “The B-O-O-K is Done!

  1. You are such a clever bunny finishing up on time. I am so impressed I can hardly tell you – I can’t even get out the house to get somewhere on time and still haven’t mailed those photos to you so finishing up a whole book…. Well, I always knew you were amazing and you know how I like to be proved right.

    I am working on my first crush story. I’ll email it. I will even endeavour to email it somewhat on time. How’s that?

    You will be pleased to hear that our Abigail is developing quite the sassy personality and great sense of humour as her American namesake. Loving it. But we still miss you.

    Will be in touch soon in the meantimes biggest congratulations! xx

  2. Cortney

    Still coming up with my ‘first’ crush… gotta dig deep here. But may I just add that it is almost as embarrassing to remember non-crushes in which people assume a crush where none exists and then proceed to tease you unmercifully.

    There’s just nothing you can say… any kind of comeback is generally taken as a confirmation.

    Oh well. Eventually they move on.

  3. Hi Abigail,
    Absolutely I agree with all the comments here. CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished your book as planned and I salute you. Well Done! I love what you portrayed in your post. I am amazed and cannot wait until you are published so I can grab a book and say: Please sign my book!

    Abigail, I am so PROUD of you. You set out to do what you wanted to do and you have succeed where most have not. Well Done!

    Love to see more of your coming book review or should I say “sneak peeks” lol
    Best of Success and Friendship,

  4. Nathan Gray

    Email sounds like a smart solution. Is my email info somehow magically available on wordpress, or do I have to post it here? How is this done?

  5. Celeste

    :::::::happy dance replete with jazz hands:::::::

  6. Nathan Gray

    Hey! It’s been a while! I’m glad for you that your book is done! Way to go!
    I’m thinking I might from now on end all of my sentences with exclamation marks! What do you think!
    Um, I would love to be among those submitting their first crush stories, once I have some time to put something together. And prizes? I always knew I might get something out of that first crush. Even if only a prize. Yay!
    So, I’ve managed to run off a few (all) of my readers after a few indiscriminate posts that I posted. For some reason I’m curious to know if I offended you as well?

    • Nate! Glad to hear from you and really looking forward to your crush story, so get on it! (enough with the exclamations- making my heart race)

      I can see how your approach could have turned some folks off and I nearly commented a few times, thought tooooo long about it, and then didn’t. I’ll shoot my thoughts over in an email, if you like. I was not offended by your points, more like confused by the packaging, but again…will expound elsewhere.

  7. Kelsey

    Fantastic news! So proud. Can’t wait to get five copies.

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