These are the chronicles of my year of becoming the top 3 things I’ve always wanted to be: A published author, thinner, and kinder. I’ve quit my job as a professional development consultant, much to the confusion of most people I know, and committed myself to a one year timeline to get myself where I’ve always wanted to be.

Published Author: I’m a southern beach native who’s made her way to DC. I had spent a few year’s managing corporate events and then leadership consulting when I realized I was hoofing it up the wrong corporate ladder. I had wanted to write and loved to read for as long as I can remember. I’d studied literature, writing, and communication in college, but shifted my path pretty quickly once I’d graduated. This is the year I want to change it all back so that I can stop wondering what may have been.

Thinner: I was born with the metabolism of a koala bear. I can munch on Eucalyptus leaves all day and my body will still get confused, convert it to cellulite and push it straight down into the legs of my jeans. While in college,  I ran and took martial arts classes (for the exercise, dammit!) and I still managed to look like Violet Beauregarde after the blueberry pie course of her 3 course chewing gum by age 19.  I’ve since seen many specialist to treat a resistance to insulin that allows my body to turn food into fuel like a normal person’s, and not lumps and rolls. My goal is to continue getting fit and to have thighs that cannot spark a fire when wearing shorts in the summertime. Amen?

Kinder: This was a late addition. I was standing in line at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks after leaving my job and the 80 year old woman in front of me was buying out the store. I’m not even sure how you spend more than a hundred bucks at TJ’s on one person, but she was managing just fine to break two. The cashier rung everything up…and then had to take everything out and start over. I sighed and rolled my eyes with all the drama of a ten year-old who’s mom just said “Cool”, even though I had absolutely nowhere to be. The two of them chatted pleasantly with on another, which I’m sure helped speed up the situation. My stressed-efficiency expert psyche took control and just as I was about to make a comment to ensure the expedition of the situation, the cashier turned my way for a moment and I saw that she had just one arm. My face cooled for a moment, only to heat right back up again, only this time with shame instead of selfish fury. I tuned into the rest of their pleasant chatter and learned that the older woman lived alone and that her two sons were far away pursuing their separate passions.

I realized just how unnecessary, bizarre and misplaced my impatience was and made a vow to start paying attention to people other than myself…and to hold off on passing judgement until I have all the facts. This lasted almost an hour, but I’m committing to at least making a concerted effort, when possible, this year. Oh. And the 80 year old woman? She turned to me and the cashier before leaving an said, “I always told my sons, go after and do what you love. Don’t worry about money or what anyone thinks. You gotta love your work. As long as your good at it, too.”

Thanks, slow poke. That advice was timely, unlike your shopping trip.


13 responses to “Nosy?

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  2. Hey. Just letting you know that I shut down my blog, and then reopened it under a new domain which is now linked here. Hope things are going well.

  3. Thank you for your humour, honesty, and daring!
    Good luck with your writing, slimming, and mellowing. But don’t be harsh with yourself when you trip up on any of your goals… I also have tasted the toes of my own foot when my impatient snappish snarky self doesn’t listen, interrupt & predict what someone is saying (and turns out to be WRONG!) and feel like a doof…it’s OK. I love carbs & am bad at discipline and self-denial – sue me 🙂 Just knowing and admitting our failures makes us if not better, aware. You’re awesome and I am so glad the phrase “self indulgent fripperies” brought up your blog!
    ps. You woulda made a great librarian, too! I can just tell!

    As a DC native, welcome!

    • So happy you found me, and I LOVE the search words that got you here 🙂 I don’t know if I’m sexy enough to pull off the librarian thing, but I’m open to the idea. Thanks very much for your thoughts. Looking forward to getting to know a fellow DC gal virtually. Thanks!

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  6. Luce

    A grocery store prophet. No better kind in my book!

  7. You are terrific! I just love you to pieces!! Sooooo very happy you are persuing your dreams! I’ll be one of the first to buy your book..personally autographed of course. My prayers & cares are with you always! XOXOXO

  8. Tina

    I am impressed that you made it an hour. That is far better than most attempts I make!

  9. Corina

    So proud of you and can’t wait to read your fabulous work!
    love you pal

  10. Steph

    Hooray for running, especially when it’s in London. You go get ’em girlie!!

  11. Lori

    You have the gift of writing stuff that keeps one completely engaged! Keep it coming, love you!

  12. Nancy

    Love that, so relevent, and of course, drying my laughing tears!

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